Friday, March 27, 2009

Facebook Friends

We have the highlight images from this shoot loaded to facebook... If you would like to have a low-res copy of the displayed image that you can post to your own account or email to friends/family, please feel free to add Jennifer Husk Garbett and Marnee Moser Marriott as a facebook friend and we will get you these images!  (I know... total run-on sentence, but I think you got the drift.)

Sneak Peak

Success! We had a wonderful day on Saturday with all of your kids and lots of cute little chicks. We raised quite a bit of money and are so excited to announce our donation, but for now... I know you are all waiting to get a sneak peak of some of the cute kids. We are not able to post all of your beautiful children, but the online gallery should be up today. We have been running into some technical difficulties getting the images uploaded, so we apologize for the delay. If you need the login information, please don't hesitate to email or call Jennifer or Marnee.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Update on Charity Event

I've talked to so many great people regarding the upcoming Spring Festival and am so excited at the great response we have gotten to our event! So far we are booked almost solid for sessions between 9:00 - 3pm which is longer than we originally planned. We are still taking a few more sessions and trying to accomodate as many people as possible, so PLEASE if you haven't called to schedule with so now! I don't want to have to turn people away but we do have to limit the number of sessions we can take.

Also, Little Scholars Academy and David Goron of Professional Martial Arts Instruction have generously offered an additional incentive for those who have booked sessions for the charity event. David will be doing a free 45 minute Safety Class for kids. David is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and teaches a very hands on class to help kids understand and respond if ever in a dangerous situation. I've been told this is a great class in which the kids practice what they are being taught and even learn how to scream or say NO! and when it is appropriate. Anyone who is booking a session will be invited to bring their kids the following Saturday, March 28th at 10:00am for this class.

Thanks for everyone's enthusiasm and support, we are so grateful!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Event Details

We are so excited to finally announce our SPRING FOR CHARITY promotion! After a lot of thought, planning, and organization (give us a little credit... we can be creative and come up with some pretty fantastic ideas - it's the execution that usually seems to hold us up!) we are so excited to see this project come to life!

It should be an incredible day, and the best part is we will make a difference in the lives of valley children!

So... come support our photography event to benefit the CHILD CRISIS CENTER by participating in a mini photo session with our adorable baby chicks. We have partnered with Little Scholars Academy on 43rd Ave and Bell to host the Spring for Charity Festival. In addition to your mini photography session, there will be a bounce house, crafts, food, and many activities for kids of all ages.

Please call now to reserve your spot and help us help valley children. For $75, your 10-minute mini session will include a 12x18 wall portrait and a $50 donation will be made to benefit the Child Crisis Center.

We will also be offering the option to add on spring or Easter cards or gift prints.

We only have 25 spots available, so please call now! We expect to book up quickly!

623.935.5513 - Jennifer Garbett will be taking all reservations.

Meet our adorable stars

Aren't they cute? And we think the kids are pretty cute, too (most days.)

Give us a call... go shopping for some great new spring clothes... and say hello to our tiny friends...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Charity

We know... we know... we've been a little vague about what we are cooking up... Please be patient. It is going to be worthwhile!

But first... and the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS PROMOTION, we are so excited to announce the charity we will be supporting this spring.

We would like to share some information found on the child crisis center website. Please click here to check out this wonderful organization that could really use our help.

No parent ever intends to harm their children.
Every parent wants to see their children grow up healthy and strong. Sometimes extreme life stressors such as job loss, financial difficulties or poverty can bring a parent to a place where they feel helpless and their decision making skills can suffer. Most often it is at this place where families meet crises and children can be harmed.
A child in Arizona is abused or neglected every hour.
Over 7,500 children in Arizona last year had to leave home due to reports of child abuse (Arizona Department of Economic Security Child Welfare Report). Approximately 30% of all of these reports were of physical abuse; the rest were emotional abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse. Even though each child's situation is very different, they all had one significant common factor; 100% could have been prevented.

Facts & Statistics
Arizona ranks fifth nationally in the rate of children with substantiated reports of abuse and neglect, almost twice the national average (Child Welfare League of America).

Every child deserves a safe, loving home.
The challenge exists to ensure that every child has a chance to grow up healthy and strong; that begins with a safe place to live. The Child Crisis Center offers services that protect & help children heal when families are struggling, find compassionate, supportive homes for children that need them, and strengthen families and minimize stress on their lives.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teaming up for Charity

Jennifer Marnee
Jennifer Garbett from PhotoJenic Photography and Marnee Marriott from Marriott Photography are so excited to be teaming up for a photographic event called "SPRING FOR CHARITY".

Jennifer and Marnee have built a great friendship over the last couple years based on their same interest in photography, owning a business, and being a full-time mom at the same time. They both have 3 kids - 2 boys and then they both got pregnant within months of each other with little girls.

This promotion is exciting for so many reasons... we have both wanted to do something really special to give back to the community and to do something unique and different for existing and potential clients. By joining forces we are able to rise up and conquer this project and provide an extraordinary experience to everyone. In the end, we hope it is the charity that reaps the most benefits... and for that to work...


So, please bookmark us... we will be revealing more of our promotion little by little. Help us spread the word. We can really use your help!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009